i’ve heard that to get a yeast infection, you have to have either yellow, green, or white clumpy discharge “down there” and you itch, have pain, and have a strong odor in your discharge. however, ok… i’m 14 and basically started my period 3 years ago, so i’m not on a set schedule yet, but my last period was the first irregular one i’ve had – it lasted 21 days, i think. it recently stopped, thank goodness, and my mom said it was just part of getting ur first period. but today i wiped and i saw in my underwear white discharge, but not clumpy. it had a different odor, like i could smell it in school occasionally. anyone know if i have a yeast infection? i’m really scared please help me! :(
*******AND ALSO***** what do doctors usually do to tell if u have a yeast infection, or how do they prescribe you?