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Candida Yeast Diet – Does it Really Work?

A Candida yeast diet is at the heart of your Candida cure. And a good Candida yeast diet is also a healthy diet so that you benefit in two ways; you get rid of your horrible Candida, and, you improve your overall health in the process. Your diet is very simply broken down into; foods [...]

About Yeast Infection and Candidiasis – Prevention and Treatments

Yeast infection is the colonization of yeast fungi in body areas in such an amount and such a way that damages or symptoms are produced. Usually the yeast invades only body cavities and the lining of these cavities, but can in serious cases grow into deeper tissue layers. Yeasts very often infect the vagina and [...]

what do recurring yeast infections have to do with diabetes ?

ok so in the past 3 months ive had 2 yeast infections and I’ve gone to the doctor for both. my doctor asked if diabetes ran in my family an I told her that both my grandfathers have it. my doctor said that if I keep getting these infections she’s going to have to test [...]

How do I treat and keep ear yeast infections from coming back in my dogs ears?

Male lab and he gets recurring yeast infections in his ears. The vet treats it with medicine but it always comes back.

Home remedy for vaginal infection?

I know it’s not yeast or an std. any home treatments for a vaginal infection?

Should lanolin be used when you have thrush?

Just wondering if I can put lanolin on my cracked nipples while I am being treated for thrush. I have heard from different people that I should and shouldn’t (because it promotes growth of more yeast) be used. Thanks!

How can I get rid of my son's yeast diaper rash (thrush)?

My breastfeeding son and I were diagnosed with thrush a few months ago… he had it in his mouth and on his fingers, and me on my nipples, of course. We were both put on Nystatin creams and oral meds. They didn’t work. Then we were put on oral Diflucan. That didn’t work. Since then, [...]

Recipes for Candida diet and Gluten free diet?

i am on the candida diet and glueten free diet. does anyone know any recipes that is gluten free and/or does not contain… fruit sugars dairy yeast sauses(soy sause, vineger) mushrooms citric acid Thanks:)

is it okay to chew sugar-free gum while on a Candida-free diet?

the Candida-free diet strictly forbids sugar, yeast, soy ,etc. Is sugar free gum ok? Even though it claims to be sugar free, I’m sure it has small traces of it. stop assuming I’m fat. Contrary, I’m a 6"0, 150lbs and very fit. The diet I choose is strictly for detoxing purposes.

What foods help cure Thrush in mouth?

I think I may have thrush(Candidiasis or yeast) in the mouth and want to know what food I should avoid and what foods I should eat to help get rid of this. I heard yogurt was good. True?

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