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Candida Treatment for Autism?

I have a 2 year old son with Autism. I wanted to know how you go about curing candida. He is currently on the GF/CF diet. Any info would be much appreciated. Priobotics, supplements, etc… I am very offended by larry L’s comments. If you have comments like that, don’t bother responding to my question.

Does anyone know about candida?

What supplements are the best to help with candida? What foods are okay to eat? Can you drink cows milk? I need any advise that you can give me…Thanks in advance!

Does anybody have any other ways to treat a recurring vaginal bacterial infection?

I have had recurring bacterial infections for what feels like ever. My doctor (I know I need to see a different one) just keeps prescribing medication – which works fine until about 3 days after I’ve stopped. I was wondering if anybody has had any improvement with their BV using alternative methods. I do eat [...]

Can I Get Rid of Yeast without the Candida Diet?

My doc suspected I had systemic yeast in my stomach whein I went to her complaining of chronich sinus infection & post nasal drip. I tried the diet for this past month and it works. I just don’ want to have to do this forever. The only supplements I’ve been taking are grapefruit seed extract [...]

What are homeopathic remedies for systemic yeast infection?

I saw a program with a checklist for systemic yeast infection. I answered "yes" to nearly every question! I already know about yogurt and probiotics. What other things I should be incorporating? This is NOT for specific treatment of a vaginal yeast infection, rather an overgrowth of fungus throughout the body. Instead of "homeopathic" maybe [...]

what is the fastest way to cure candida?

i have all the supplements for it but i was wondering about what to eat. some websites say fruit, dairy, and grains are ok and others are against them. also what about sugar substitutes? I would love to do some type of fruit fast to cure this. some sites say apples are ok and some [...]

Candida overgrowth: Is this a real health condition or a hoax?

I did the saliva test which, if you believe what they say online, claims I have an overgrowth of candida, or some internal fungal infection. It claims this is responsible for my depression, acne, itchy skin, thrush, etc. It can be "cured" by buying very expensive supplements. Is this real, or an online scam to [...]

What is a good method of Hydrogen Peroxide treatment in eliminating Candida?

How much should I use, where can I find one that I could use internally? Has anyone had success eliminating Candida using this method? Has anyone tried using Ozone therapy in treatment of systemic candida? I’ve already done candida protocols in the past. I fully understand the diet and supplements and even some advanced therapy. [...]

What are the best supplements/probiotics to take, to get rid of massive Candida infection?

I am too lazy to change my diet, so I’d like to know if there are any specific antifungals/probiotic supplements that work pretty well to destroy an intestinal yeast infection…? If you managed to cure a Candida/yeast infection, what products or drugs did you take? How well did they work? I REALLY need help on [...]

Can I do candida and colon cleanses naturally without buying expensive supplements?

I would seriously like to do whole-body cleanses but supplements are expensive and I don’t really trust a lot that ar on the market today? Does anyone know of natural ways to do candida and colon cleanses?

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