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Antibiotics causes thrush which in turn causes sore throat?

On my 2nd day of taking my antibiotic medications, I started having sore throat. Doctor told me to take the medication for 1 week. Will the antibiotic permanently damage my immune system or will my immune system go back to normal once I stop the antibiotics,?

What is this vaginal discharge that i have had for a month?

So for the last month i have had this discharge that is the constancy of the discharge you have after an orgasm. There has been some traces of blood in it but there has not been any itching or anything to indicate an infection. For the most part it is clear. I am a 25 [...]

How to prevent from another yeast infection?

Aloha there. I’ve had a yeast infection and it keeps coming and going but I tried curing it with a few medications that my grandmother adviced me. However I’m scared weather it might effect me seriously or anything like I was wondering weather I should tell my doctor and get some antibiotics to get it [...]

Are pills better to treat yeast infection or cream?

I have an yeast infection. I’m treating it with generic brand cream from Wal-Mart. I notice though that I have so much discharge coming out and lots of pressure in my vagina. Is that normal? I was planning to take pill medications since I have a feeling that the cream is not working. Have anyone [...]

Can I use yeast infection medication 10 days after a hysterectomy?

I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy 10 days ago, I now have what I’m 99% sure to be a yeast infection. Can I use the usual medications to treat it? I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to put anything in the vagina until cleared?

Is there an over the counter oral antibiotic medication I can get for a vaginal infection?

I’ve gone through two different medications that are used vaginally, but because of my idiocy it didn’t fully treat my infection due to fooling around while using the medication… I’ve been to the doctor already for a prescription already, I don’t want to make another appointment to get pills, is there something I can get [...]

How likely is it that I will get a yeast infection while on antibiotics? How can I prevent this?

I have a bad case of strep throat. I got a perscription of antibiotics, plus 3 steroid pills I had to take all at once to make the swelling go down. I also am taking birth control pills. The doc says to take 3 antibiotic pills a day, morning, noon, and night. And they are [...]

Yeast infection?

What are the signs and symptoms of a yeast infection? I don’t have one. But like i just got surgery a month ago on my foot and leg. and i got an infection so im on antiboitics. my doctor said i could get one with all the medications im on. so thats why i ask.

Are their any over the counter medications for thrush?

I have thrush in my mouth on the bottom inside of my lip it really hurts and sometimes i cant even eat. Are their any medications for thrush that can help me?

How can I get rid of Oral Thrush from my retainer and instrument’s mouthpiece?

I have oral thrush and am currently taking antifungal medications for it. However, I played my instrument and wore my retainer when I was still infected, and am wondering how I can get rid of the fungi without having to boil them. (Doing so would melt them.)

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