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im scared i have a vaginal infection?

i just started gettin discharge randomly. about a week before my recent period. it was clear with the consisentcy of snot and dried yellowish. after my period. ive been gettin a little bit of discharge not much clear. i cant see it but im a little wet. is this normal discharge that im getting or [...]

Can you get your period while treating a yeast infection?

I appeared to have gotten a yeast infection about a week or so, i left it for about 3 days before i went and got medication. On the second of three days of treatment I noticed there was blood in my discharge. Yesterday being the third day of treatment there was only a little bit [...]

I am almost positive I have a yeast infection, is a little bit of bleeding ok?

I am almost positive that I have a yeast infection and I am spotting blood just a little bit. Nothing heavy at all. Is this normal? Could it just be from the irritation of the itchiness?

Is it normal to have any sort of vaginal infection if you arent sexually active?

Latley my vaginal area has sort of a fishy odor and just a little bit of an itch, I plan on seeing a gynoc. for it, but Im not sexually active, I havent been for about 3 years, I got a papsmear about 3-4 months ago and everything came back normal, I got my second [...]

will thrush go away on its own or do you have to treat it?

I think I have vaginal but am breastfeeding and read that you can’t take the tables if you are breastfeeding and I am a little bit scared to use the cream. Also, if it isn’t thrush and I treat it will it do any harm? Thanks in advance.

How long till yeast infection symptoms are gone?

I had a yeast infection, and I used treatment and I thought everything was getting better and going away, but now it seems it might be coming back only after a few days because there is still that smell, and its still a little bit itchy.. Is it possible for these symptoms just to take [...]

How can I lessen the over abundance of vaginal discharge?

I have seen my OB and she doesn say I have an over abundance of Vaginal discharge. It is NOT an infection. She claimed there is nothing I can do about it…but there must be!??! When I have intercourse, it is just too much and it is over lubricating. Is there anything I can do [...]


Does thrush cause you to taste everything different, and also will you lose your smell a little bit? Like will things smell differently too, or is it just taste thrush of the mouth (oral)

What are some ways to comfort babies with thrush?

My Baby brother we just found out today he has thrush what are some ways i can tell my mom to comfort him to stop cryinjg for a little bit i feel so bad for him

Are there any ways to reduce external swelling resulting from yeast infections?

I have recently taken a single dose treatment for a yeast infections, but I still have a little bit of external swelling. I was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion for reducing the swelling.

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