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I have Candida Albicans, a fungal disease, quite severely. Can it affect your leg muscles, and make you feel..?

…weak? I know it affects your immune system, but sometimes the muscles in my legs go weak………..

which sugar does not support candida? Can I eat Steavia or agave? ?

also I would like to know>>If sugar makes the immune system weak, what kind of sugars can I eat without making my immune system weak? Thank you Yes, sugar intake weakens the immune system. I will give you the source – can’t find it right now. Guess why so many people get sick over the [...]

Antibiotics causes thrush which in turn causes sore throat?

On my 2nd day of taking my antibiotic medications, I started having sore throat. Doctor told me to take the medication for 1 week. Will the antibiotic permanently damage my immune system or will my immune system go back to normal once I stop the antibiotics,?

How fast can you get rid of thrush?

I got thrush from inhaled steroids and also my immune system sucks. I’ve been on the oral lozenges, the mouthwash, and now the pills, all rx’d by my doc. My tongue is still white but not as bad as before, and it’s worse in the back mostly. What more can I do to get rid [...]

Is glycerin a major factor in why personal lubricants and condoms would be giving me yeast infections?

I (and my doctor) have ruled out many other factors that cause the "typical" yeast infection. Tight clothes, bathing suits, and etc. I also know it is a yeast infection and not something else. My immune system is not compromised and I am not on hormonal BC. Seeking solid knowledge that glycerin based products are [...]

are there any home remedies to treat thrush in your mouth>?

my tongue has got like a filmy whitish grayish on it and i can’t rid of my bad breath! i have a weak immune system, so i am pretty sure that i have thrush! i have no money right now to go to the doctor so are there any home remedies for treatment???? help!!!!

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