my mom just recently had a yeast infection and she was telling me about how she experienced itching and the discharge had a bad odor to it, but that she’s been able to use medicine to cure it . . . . .but my question isn’t about my mom . . . . it’s about me because(well first of all i’m 15 years old) and when my mom was explaining this to me, i suddenly remembered back to when i was about 12 years old. at the time, i also had itching “down there” and i had yellow discharge that had an odor to it, but for some reason, i never told my mom and i never worried about. it lasted for a few months. the itching didn’t appear until later(probably around the last couple of weeks) and it irritated me and i thought i had a rash or something so i put some anti itching relieving cream on it and it went away . . .i think it’s kinda funny how i’m just suddenly remembering this . . . . but does it sound like i had a yeast infection? the only two things i really noticed were yellow discharge with an odor and itching at the time(no problems or pain while urinating or anything like that). can anyone just tell me the basic symptoms of a yeast or vaginal infection and is it possible to have it for three or four years? can a yeast infection go away on its own? ever since that happened, i haven’t experienced any itching . . . .but at times i have seen some yellow discharge with a slight odor(it’s not alot), but most of the time my discharge is white.
i only see the yellow discharge when i wipe. i don’t actually see it fall into the toilet or anything when i pee.