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Do i have Thrush and should i use the cream to clear it up?

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Is it possible to have thrush with hardly any itching, i just have lumpy white discharge which doesnt smell horrible just a bit different than normal. my mum got me some canesten cream today, just want to be sure iv got it b4 i use it! is it normal to have reallly slight abdominal pains 2?

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  1. hollymolly wrote:

    all your symptoms point to yeast infection and canesten is used to clear it up… go for it. if it doesn’t work, go to the doc. I don’t think that abdominal pains are usually a symptom, but who knows.

    the other things that come to mind that would do that + the adominal pains would be chlamydia and an ovarian cyst.

    try the cream, if it’s not gone in 5 days, go to the doc.

    Friday, April 30, 2010 at 9:59 pm | Permalink

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