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I quite yeast and sugar, upped my vitamin and vegetable intake. How long until I recover (just a ball park)?

Any holistic suggestions?

Yogurt has anywhere between 21-37 grams of sugar, yet the candida articles say to eat it, but avoid sugar? Are they talking about eating plain yogurt (which still is high in sugar)? Or do the live bacteria cancel out the sugar?

If I had Giardia for a year is it possible that I also have a Candida problem too? I was also on CIPRO for four months out of the year because the Dr’s couldnt figure out what was going on. Any doctors out there?

ive had candida for at least 2.5 yrs and been treating it for the past 2 months now. still not there yet. i would like to find out if you are able to resume your old eating habits after the candida clears up completely. meaning am i ever gonna be able to have sweets, different food that is bad for candida and also alcohol? or am i NOT gonna be able to eat/drink the things i miss because my candida will come back since ive had it at one point?

I recently found i had candida and cured it but i have male pattern hair loss which i was lead to beleve was because of genetics. I found i had candida years after my hair loss started. Now im rid of candida my hair seems that bit stronger and doesnt fall out with the roots and everythn still attached. I have moderate dandruff- nothn to be self consious over but it is there.

Jus wondering if there is a link?

all i’ve heard about is the diet, which is practically impossible, and i was hoping there was something else out there that works. what has the highest success rate? help!

I have colitis and have a sneaking suspicion that Candida might have something to do with it.
I had a case of where I was diagnosed with an excessive amount of Candida, not to mention I had the symptoms. So…my question is, that once its taken care of, through meds/ diet/ herbal remedy, how long must you continue the no carb diet? Is it a permanent thing?

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