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I am on a very strict allergy cleanse/candida diet and want to make vanilla extract. I can’t use any form of alcohol, glycerin, or any sugary substance. I’m not opposed to the concoction sitting in the fridge if it needs to keep there. Thanks for the help!

Allowed ingredients:

*distilled water
*stevia or Truvia, etc.
*any nut milks
*unprocessed vanilla beans
*olive oil

I did a Candida diet and cleanse about 1 1/2 Years ago and since then I’ve had a yellow ring around my mouth! I have done subsequent detox and cleanses. I eat very clean and drink lots of water. I have also had been tested for thyroid and others all is good. I can’t even cover it with make up. I am planning to visit a dermatologist. Any help would be appreciated!

Does a lack of vitamin K create an environment favorable for parasites and candida, or is it the opposite. Do parasites and candida lead to a deficiency of Vitamin K?

I did a pap smear recently and the result was negative for malignant cells, however, candida yeasts were seen. Can anyone tell me what is candida yeasts? How possibly can I get this from? If left untreated, what will it become? Will my husband be infected through intercourse? Actually, if it is not for the pap smear test, I won’t even know I had candida yeasts. Please advise.

Does anyone know the best foods to eat to beat candida? I’m struggling to find a selection of tasty foods to eat. Please help.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia. I read a book called “The Candida Control Diet”. I want additional tips on how to gain weight because eating healthy sometimes makes me too skinny. I only weigh 100Ibs and I’m 5’6″. I don’t believe in using medication but I can’t afford to buy homeopathic remedies.
I want to gain weight WHILE EATING HEALTHY.

I am now in my second tremester and the candida is still continuing especially if i eat any milk products. It does not hurt but it irritates me bcos even my visits to the Doctor do not bear any fruits.


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