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Category Archives: Candida

Why did Tony Orlando sing a song about Candida, isn't that a type of infection?

What is Candida, and what problems can it cause?

Does one develop antibodies after infeted by Candida fungus?

what is the life span of candida albicans?

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what will help alleviate candida die-off? also, can i eat corn while on the candida diet?

i get conflicting info on the die-off issue. how long is it supposed to last? what will make me feel better???? also, what are your thoughts on consuming corn? i’ve read some places that it’s okay, while others say not to at all. hmmm

I ate the shell of a taco salad and got a itchy rash on my neck. Can this be caused by Candida?

Candida Treatment for Autism?

I have a 2 year old son with Autism. I wanted to know how you go about curing candida. He is currently on the GF/CF diet. Any info would be much appreciated. Priobotics, supplements, etc… I am very offended by larry L’s comments. If you have comments like that, don’t bother responding to my question.