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I was looking at my daughters tongue and she has a lot of white patches on it. There aren’t any more anywhere else in her mouth, just her tongue. I was reading online that its normally not just on the tongue, but when I wipe hers, it doesn’t wipe off. She eats well still, but I am wondering if any of your babies have had it and it was just on the tongue?

The woman I am asking for.Has in her past been the victim of sexual assults(child hood)she now has Thrush of vagina.The same as she had when she was assulted as a child.She is wondering if the stress of her therapy is bringing it back..

I’m on an antibiotic and got a yeast infection. Does it matter which Monstat i get? Meaning If i have 7 days of antibiotics left if i get the three day monistat will the infection come back?

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First of all what is candida? and what is its morphology, clinical correlation, and function? what are the most important species of this genus?

I have a holland lop who is 4 years old. Her apetite has always been great, but she has had an excessive urination problem for 2 months now and she has had no fur around her butt, hind legs, and tail. So, I took her to see a vet who prescribed me an antibiotic called “sulfadimet 50mg”for 10 days. I gave it to her and I thought she was getting better, so I stupidly stopped it after the 4th day, and sure enough, the symptoms came back again. So, the vet prescribed me a different kind of antibiotic called “enrofox 27.2mg” because he had mentioned that she was already immune to the other antibiotic. I have her this one, but nothing changed. Her symptoms were still the same. She took a urine test and a blood test, both of which were very positive results. So, the vet assumed she had some fungus growing on her skin and prescribed me a medicine called “ketoconazole 200 mg” and an ointment for her skin called “conofite”. I was starting to get worried and went to a vet that my friend had recommended me to, and they mentioned to me that we have to get to the “core” of the problem. We took xrays and found out that she had a spinal problem that was causing her to lose muscle, and had ulcers on her hind legs. The vet mentioned that because of this, she could be urinating on herself causing her skin to worsen. (I usually only use a shee-shee sheet in her cage. My rabbit used to use the potty bin, but ever since this problem she won’t use the potty in there anymore.) The vet figured that the skin problem arises from her sitting on the sheet (the sheet gets so soaked up with urine). So, the vet told me to continue with the antibiotics that the other vet recommended – enrofax. She also prescribed me an anti-inflammatory for her bones which will help her build muscle – luckily, she didn’t have arthiritis.
I am getting very scared and am wondering if I should stick to the vet that I changed to.
It’s been 4 days since I started the antibiotic – enrofox, but I haven’t seen much change. Should I be patient and wait until the effects start kicking in? Or, will it ever kick in? Does it take this long for an antibiotic to work?
I also recently got a dog about 5 months ago and am not sure if this affected the way my rabbit reacted. The vet recommended that I put soft cushioing in her cage for now so that the ulcers on her soles won’t hurt as much. It’s exactly what I did. I’m just very worried and can’t really focus on my work. Does anybody who may have experienced something like this have any advice? I would certainly appreciate it.

I have my period and I wear pads, sometimes the pad drys out my entire vagina area and it itches like crazy. Last night I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t take it. All I had was some left over yeast infection creme. It actually helped, but I’m not sure if I can use that on a regular basis. Kind of like you shouldn’t take antibiotics unless you actually need them?

mine is not clear it is white/cream but with no bad smell or irritation,

what should normal discharge be like ?

I have seen that drug stores sell miconazole and tioconazole over the counter to treat yeast infections. Is one better than the other? Thanks.

I personally think that would be stupid.
You really should only eat it.

But is there anyone out there who’s tried it?
I don’t have one.
I was asking out of curiosity.
Some retard on Myspace said that putting yogurt in there will get rid of a yeast infection.
I was just wondering if anyone’s tried this and had it work for them.

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