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I’ve never had a yeast infection before and after using the monistat i wiped and had a small amount of pink discharge it was about the size of a pea. What could this be from?

so i’ve got a 16 month old boy and he has this fungal rash on and around his penis, even on his bum (and no it is not diaper rash. i checked with his doctor) now, he has prescribed nystatin, and ketoconazole cream to treat it and it still hasn’t gotten better, in fact its gotten worse..

dont tell me to go to the doctor, i already have an appointment but its not for a month..

what causes fungal infections? and how come he’s never had it before he was a year? and why is nothing helping?

i’ve tried, every type of diaper cream, every type of baby powder, yogurt, baking soda, and different diapers..

apart from sleeping, he has been running around diaperless for 3 days straight…

any suggestions?

and dont tell me to get another doctor. he is a very very good doctor, just busy.
um yea i use baby wipes not tissue.. u obviously dont have kids..

its not the diapers. i’ve tried every kind there is.
i think its funny that people dont read exactly what i wrote.. someone actually said “let him run around diaperless”

um, yes. i’ve done that for 3 days….
his doctor assumed it was fungal, he didnt test it or anything.

dont tell me that i’m not cleaning him properly, i always disinfect my bathtub and bathroom and everywhere else before i let him play in anything.

you can get infections that have nothing to do with cleaniness.

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