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Last night my daughter started this weird thing of not really eating in the early evening. This continued all the way until bedtime where I think she began to become increasingly hungry but still wouldn’t eat. Every time I would go to feed her she would gag and choke a little (shes breastfed) and it looked to me as if she was in pain. She does have a thick white patch on her tongue, could this be thrush and is thrush painful?
It’s her mouth that seems to hurt
Either way shes seeing the doctor today. I almost brought her to the er last night but I finally got her to sleep so I figured I’d wait and let her doc see her this morning.
And I read online that mom or baby recently being on antibiotics can cause thrush, I just ended antibiotic treatment for an infection in my uterus.

I inserted the pessery last night and ever since i’ve had cramp, i don’t know if it’s related or not, i feel all bloated too. I’ve took this before and never felt like this.

Any ideas?

I’m just a little confused about it all….that’s the only reason I am asking. I’m not sure how you suddenly get a yeast infection. Do you have to have sex or something first, or is it just something that occurs?
Let me know?

I have a fungal infection and the doctor prescribed ketoconazole cream….
do i rub this cream in or do i let it sit on my infected area?

i last had sex on saturday but i used protection, i’m fairly sure that would protect against thrush? if i’m wrong please correct me.

my vag is like, really itchy, but generally only when i’m walking places
+ my discharge is like white, thick, creamy,
there’s not loads but the stuff that there is is.
and it smells kinda weird, like almost cheese or off milk but not that strong?

i was fingered too so.. i thought id throw that in there to see if that could be why.

I was just picking up in my daughters room, she is five years old, and I noticed a pair of underwear with a yellow like discharge on it. It was quite a bit. I don’t recall having that happen to me at such a young age. Does anyone know if this is normal or not?

My babys 3weeks old and he has a yeast infection in his mouth. He’s had it for almost 3 weeks. We got a prescription for him to take 4 times daily but its gone and it hasn’t gone away. I have to take him for a check up in 3 days. Is there anything I can do until then to help clear it up?
Its not the kind of yeast infection that we get in our vagina! Its from the milk he eats. And when he falls asleep feeding and doesn’t swallow all the milk it just sits there.

I’m a 15 year old girl and I have a yeast infection. there is no way in hell I am telling my mom or going to a doctor. it’s just not happening. what’s another way I can treat it quickly and secretly?

The cream that is applied JUST to the outside.

I got a yeast infection on the bottom of my left breast and it has been oozing yellowish stuff. Wjhat is it and why would I get one on my breast area. I have Ketoconazole cream but today it is all red again. What is going on and why did this happen?

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