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I just recently had a yeast infection. I had to take a tablet, and also use a cream. Do you think that it could have interfered with my period, and could have delayed the process? Would it be normal to be delayed?

I’m just curious to know if there is anything I could do to increase my chances of getting thrush (other than intercourse with someone who already suffers from it). This is simply a hypothetical question, but are there any conditions which make the infection more likely to appear?

I’m 13 years old, and i started having a smelly odor coming from my vagina, i did some research and i found out that the odor is called vaginal discharge the smell is ruining my life, it’s not that bad that everyone can smell it but it makes me feel self conscious, which body wash is the best to stop the smell?

I have thrush but I’m too embarrassed to go to my parents or doctor.. I had it before and it was horrible, I don’t want to have to just wait it out again. Do I need a prescription to get thrush medication at the chemist? Can it be bought on the medical card? Can I buy things on medical card myself, being under 18? (16) If not, what does it usually cost..?

In the last 2 days, my bf was complaining his penis was a little irritated. We didn’t think much of it because we figured it was the soap, which was a problem in the past. But just today, I come to the realization that I have a yeast infection. I bought the Monistat and used it asap. I already feel better and will continue with treatment. My question is how is a male yeast infection treated? Besides not having sex.
Any and all answers are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

I just got back home from watching the puberty video and I’m scared because I have the symptoms of infection and I don’t know how to tell my mom. Plz help!

I had Candida albicans treatment while i dont have candida albicans

the doctor mistaken give this treatment

can this treatment affect my ability to get pregnant?

Apparently my asthma inhaler has caused me to develop thrush and, yuck, I want to get rid of it! Is seeing the doctor for a prescription of something the only route? He didn’t take it seriously when I told him that I was having troubles and just said to rinse my mouth thoroughly or brush my teeth after using the inhaler!

I need to know if anyone out there has had an internal yeast infection, and what are some things I can do to treat one? I’m really looking for over the counter remedies that might help me! Thanks!

I am a guy and I think I might have a yeast infection because the summit of my unit throbs with pain and has an unpleasant discharge. Anyway, I know chicks put a Monistat egg up in there, so how would I fit it in there?

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