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I exclusively pump and I got thrush and so did my son. Other mothers who have had thrush were told to pump and feed their children their milk as usual while treating the thrush. But since we don’t breastfeed, he got it through the milk, so shouldn’t I give him the milk that I froze from before I got thrush?

the other day i had sex with my boyfriend and we had anal sex and then vaginal sex straight after. i told one of my friends and she said you shouldnt do that cause it can cause infection? i now have a really smelly vagina and its really embarassing!! i heard that if you put natural yoghurt in your vagina it helps, or vinegar?? please help, id rather avoid going to the doctors as i get really embarassed.

I have a question about vaginal discharge if anyone can answer for me. I’ve been having it ever since I’m about 14 years old, a short time after I have my period. Im now 31 and I am still having it, but don’t know the reason why. I had checked w/ my OBGYN to see if anything’s wrong w/ me, but they said everything is fine. The discharge comes everyday and it is really really bothersome. I had tried from chinese herbs to medicine from the OBGYBN (vaginal insertion), but I still be having it. If anyone can give me some suggestion or feedback on what I should do, I’ll be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

i think i have thrush, swelling, soreness, redness, discharge……. can you go swimming??? can you catch it??? can i use this to get rid of it?? how long will it take to go away?????

I have colitis and have a sneaking suspicion that Candida might have something to do with it.
I had a case of where I was diagnosed with an excessive amount of Candida, not to mention I had the symptoms. So…my question is, that once its taken care of, through meds/ diet/ herbal remedy, how long must you continue the no carb diet? Is it a permanent thing?

good creams or home remedies for my 4 month old son’s yeast infection on his neck.

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