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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Is there an otc medicine to treat thrush on tongue?

My 12 year old daughter has thrush on her tongue and i was wondering if i should go the docs or if there was an over the counter medicine. She had thrush on her tongue a few months ago also. any ideas?

Is it true that when you have a yeast infection, menstruating can actually help cure the infection?

I have a yeast infection, and today was supposed to be my doctors appointment, but i started my period so now i cant go to the doctor to get mediation, but my sister is saying that being on your period can actually help with the infection? Has anyone heard this? Is this true?

What does the candida cleanse consists of?

I am needing a total body cleanse before becoming pregnant…I would the cleanse to fast acting..please help…taking all sugesstions and ideas..

My wife has a vaginal infection called vaginitis. The treatment does not work? What other treatment can help?

She has been to the doc many times. The first time she was given some vaginal cream and worked only for a short time. She went back 4 months later and was given some anti biotic but still the problem exists. We are at a loss of what to do next. Please help!

I am breast feeding my 4 week old baby and have deveoped thrush.Is it better to feed expressed breast milk?

I have deep stabbing pain after nusing Is pumping a better option?Also is there any diet concern I should be looking at?

How long does it take to clear up a yeast infection?

Since last year in about the month of march i have had mild yeast infections or at least what i think is on and off usually when i am taking anti-biotics?Normally they just go away.I am seeing a doctor next week so how long does it take to get rid of a yeast infection? I [...]

what is normal vaginal discharge in pregnancy?

hi guys, af due tomorrow and still no symptoms yet. ttc for over last few months. i’m still waiting at least another week to test if af doesn’t come. anyway, i have a question about vaginal discharge. i have noticed a lot of clear, very sticky and thick discharge when i wipe, especially if i [...]

Oral thrush and a healthy immune system?

I have a healthy immune system (went to doctor’s to confirm), yet the past 3 times I tried to give oral sex to my boyfriend I get oral thrush within the week. He does not have any symptoms of a yeast infection though. Has anyone ever gotten oral thrush after oral sex? My doctor has [...]

If I went to the doctor for my vaginal infection, what treatments would she give me?

I was just wondering; for example, how would she test me to see if I had an infection, what kinds of treatments would I have to do in order to cure it? Thank you. Oh, and if there is any way to cure it without even seeing a doctor, could you please tell me how?

Are systemtic candida infections for real?

I see all kinds of stuff about them on the internet (up to 80% humans infected) and have many of the general symptoms but every site I find wants me to buy a cure which leads me to believe it is a scam. Is this really the "silent epidemic"?